First Four Days of FI

We have recently attained Financial Independence (FI) and Retired Early (RE) or FIRE, as espoused by Mr. Money Mustache and our fellow Mustachians. I thought I would track our first year and see how it goes since, as Mustachians already know, early retirement does not mean “never do any work of any kind anymore.”

We hope our first few weeks (possibly months) will be more like a vacation, though, which includes gathering our wits, seeing family, catching up on all of our work around the house and long overdue errands.

June 1, 2015
I did a major cleaning of our car, basically a detail job (not the exterior, we’re in a drought). I edited a book chapter I’m writing and worked on getting this blog together.

I still have parts of my day job to finish up, though I am using some vacation days during this time. I do not have to go in to the office anymore, though.

Dear Husband (DH) moved garden plants around and made a new screen for one of our windows. We ate dinner (during the happy hour menu prices, on purpose) at a Japanese place to celebrate my resignation. Later, DH relaxed and played video games.

June 2, 2015
I wrote in the morning for nearly four hours, stopped at the library and DH went rock climbing.

Our cleaning lady came for her biweekly visit. This is a point of contention with us, as I feel we should get rid of this expense now, but DH says he’d do contract work just to pay for the cleaning lady. That’s how much he hates cleaning and does not want me to have to clean (which I did in a former life and hated). Okay then! Marriage is about compromise.

I made lunch for DH and I, made a salad for dinner at a friend’s house and read a library book all afternoon. Luxury. DH had dinner with a guy friend tonight and I had dinner with a girl friend.

And this is something we will never, ever give up: I have my evenings back for friends and to enrich my life. My company has offices in Asia and my usual day spanned 12-14 hours: 7 AM (and sometimes earlier) video chat meetings with Europe, and 5:30-9:30 PM meetings with Asia. No more!

June 3, 2015

This was our third weekday and fifth consecutive day of waking up naturally, without an alarm clock, when our bodies want to. This bliss is indescribable. I feel so much better after just a few days of this and no morning meetings! Most days we wake up naturally at 6:30 AM but it spans 5:30 to 8 AM, depending. Heaven. My body feels 10 years younger.

I honestly think we’re detoxing stress, dramatic as that sounds. We have mild headaches and feel exhausted, and can sleep for 10 hours at a time.

We woke up at 7:30 AM, read in bed for about an hour, and I made us coffee and almond flour pancakes. DH played video games and I did a few hours of work for my employer. They want me to write job descriptions for the many jobs I have. I am not yet sure this is my problem or responsibility. You can say I have a bad attitude, but I feel like this is work that belongs to the hiring manager and HR.

DH and I fixed my bike chain and a few other things and were very proud of ourselves, as we had no idea what we were doing when we started.  I had a doctor appointment and DH made a terrarium! That is a retirement sounding activity.

After my appointment, I went out for a small, late lunch (have to stop eating out though) and then worked on my book at a library branch. Then, in the early evening, DH and I met up with friends for drinks and snacks. They bought us cocktails to congratulate us on leaving our jobs. It was a lot of fun and, again, evening hours with friends certainly beats interminable meetings with our Asia offices.

We went out for a dinner ($25 for two, but still) and read books the rest of the evening.

I feel already that going back to work would be like going back to a prison.

June 4, 2015
Woke up and read for over an hour, with coffee. Have almost finished reading a whole book in two days. Don’t know the last time I got reading time like this.

Ground up all of our cinnamon sticks to refill empty spice containers. Got two full containers, one in freezer (approximately $15 worth of Safeway cinnamon that instead cost $4 from an Indian market). Zucchini-carrot bread is in the oven.

Today I need to work on pro bono website updates for an organization for which I volunteer.

I got a one load of laundry in, cleaned the kitchen, we have a play to see tonight and I have an agricultural side job tomorrow that will net me about $250 cash. Looking forward to it, and to having the weekend free for fun as well.


One thought on “First Four Days of FI

  1. Best wishes- sounds like a fantastic opportunity. I’m in a rather different situation having quit my job to go back to school, I’m probably going to have quite a long haul back in the corporate world to pay off student loans etc when I graduate, but hey I’ve done it once, whats another go round 🙂


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